When all your muscles are properly developed, you will, as a matter of course…
Regular participation in Pilates

Regular participation in Pilates can help:

  • Reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and other joints
  • Improve posture and tone
  • Improve core strength and flexibility
  • Prevent injury and aid recovery
  • Improve stamina, confidence and performance
  • Boost energy levels

Small classes of no more than 12 allows clients’ needs to be continually addressed and their movements evaluated. Classes include a range of exercises specifically aimed at the needs of the clients, helping to tone, strengthen, improve flexibility, and aid relief from pain.

Commitment to the classes ensure clients achieve the maximum results for their investment in time and money, whilst understanding how to improve everyday movements and enjoy a more flexible way of living.

Classes are open to everyone, regardless of age or fitness levels.
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