‘Two years ago aged 60, my body had begun to feel stiff and I realised that my movements were becoming restricted. If I lay on my front and lifted my legs I used to feel faint. I didn’t know my body well and if it hurt I would protect it by not moving it.

When I first started Pilates with Jane I deeply appreciated the initial individual session prior to the lessons in a small group. I realised that Jane was able to adjust the exercises to my individual needs. This gave me the confidence to try the exercises.

I attended regularly and over a period of time I realised that my body was more flexible and I was able to do more and more. I began to feel that I really couldn’t miss a week because of the impact on my body. I practised a little at home to maintain the ease with which my body moved.

Recently I had a wonderful trip to Thailand which involved long periods of sitting still on planes, trains and coaches. I discreetly practised my Pilates and maintained my flexibility. The highlight for me was when I climbed a steep mountain in the jungle. It was hot and humid and an oppressive 38 degrees. To my amazement my body worked beautifully allowing me to have a wonderful experience. I realised I had no pain and no restriction of movement as we climbed the equivalent of 49 flights. Others experienced ham string pain and I marvelled at my body and my legs which had previously made me feel faint if I raised them. I had no idea how much I had changed.

I was so grateful to Jane’s expert tuition. I realised that I now know my own body. If I move it I won’t fall to pieces! Instead it is strong, flexible and reliable. I always feel safe in Jane’s classes as she watches over us, gently correcting our movements so we never hurt ourselves and maximise the potential to achieve.

Thank you so much Jane.’

— CB 01/04/19

‘I have been attending Pilates classes run by Jane for several months now. Jane makes each class unique and interesting and makes sure that the class caters for all levels of ability. Jane encourages each person to progress to their optimum level. The classes are most enjoyable and I feel I have benefited a great deal from them, so much so that I now go to two classes a week. Everyone is very friendly.’

— SUE CAT 01/12/14

‘I started going to regular Pilates classes with Jane about 3 months ago an I have benefited hugely. The classes are varied, and fun, but I also feel like I’m working hard. The exercises are adapted to suit all abilities. My back pain has significantly reduced, I feel I have become much stronger and more flexible, and my posture has improved. I look forward to the class each week.’

— GW 12/06/14

‘I would like to express that since joining your class (14th) week how my posture and core muscles have improved, thanks to your expert and patient understanding. My partner recently joined the class and is equally impressed. We are looking forward to the next class. Keep up the good work.’

— PF 20/05/14